The modern kon tiki

While Poppa Neutrino spread a message of social change with his rafts, Plastiki was built to spread awareness of plastic pollution and over consumption and its effect on ecology. Sailing to Australia on a raft made from 12,000 plastic bottles: “recognizing that waste is fundamentally a design flaw (it does not appear in nature) It’s […]

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Poppa Neutrino, Rafts and Jazz

Poppa Neutrino was a musician and raft builder extraordinaire. Described as a “free spirit” he chose to build rafts out of waste materials to house his family and travel the waters. He was the second person to sail across the atlantic by raft, and planned an around the world trip. (wikipedia – He also had some […]

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Up a creek without a paddle boat licence, as the saying goes. You can get them here – There is lots of info on here about places and routes that are pro paddling. It also says you only need one license holder per raft, which is something…



   Love em. Coracles are a historic answer to portable boating, examples of coracles are found all over the world. That being said they take some practice to steer, and even to get in and out of. Next month i’ll be finding a way to build a coracle using only ‘waste’ materials. i have some […]

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Thinking about making trailers.

I’ve always been keen on the idea of bike trailers, being sans car and having a tendency to move house / adopt pianos/bookshelves/whatever’s left on the street, but since starting to build rafts it has become an absolute necessity. My first raft had skateboard trucks attached to it and a very makeshift attachment to the seat […]

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